Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes: easy to get and addictive

  • A 1100 mAh battery is equivalent to 10 hours of autonomy.
  • To have 24 hours of autonomy, invest in a 2600 mAh battery.
  • Why choose a fixed voltage battery?
  • The variable voltage makes it possible to change the temperature, steam flow rates and aromas of the e-liquid.
Customize your e-cig
Best e-liquid for electronic cigarette
Classic Flavours
There are several ranges of e-liquid on the market: e-liquid classic brown, blond and blond mod. The choice of product also takes into account the nicotine content.
Fresh Flavours
In search of fresh DIY e-liquid, preferably choose mentholated products. To make your own intense fresh e-liquids, there is a wide range of concentrated mint flavors: icy mint, fresh mint, menthol, absinthe or blue mint.
Gourmet Flavours
With the gourmet e-liquids, let yourself be tempted by products with surprising aromas: chocolate, nougat, caramel, cookie, cheesecake… The choice of the gourmet e-liquid depends on the taste of each vaporizer.
Fruity flavours
Lovers of sweet and mild flavours, the vaporisers have a wide range of fruity e-liquids at their disposal. Crack for the exotic taste of mango flavour, don’t miss the sweetness of apricot and banana, the acidity of lemon and red fruit…

The clearomizers are designed in compliance with safety and quality standards.

The rechargeable battery or accumulator is an accessory capable of powering an electronic cigarette.

Drip tip

A tip for a long, flat or classic vaporizer allows you to vary the pleasures and offer a pleasant moment of vape.

The electronic mods are compact, design variants of the vaporizer that offer a powerful vapor sensation. The difference with a classic e-cig is not only its aesthetic appearance. Mod owners can change the voltage of their vaporizer. Thus, the steamer who wishes to have more steam will only have to increase the power of his mod.

Electronic cigarettes

There are 4 levels of nicotine when you mix your e-liquid: nicotine free, low (6 mg/l), medium (12 mg/l) and high (16 mg/l) nicotine. In addition to filling the nicotine addiction in conventional cigarette smokers, the tobacco alkaloid has another major impact on the use of an e-cig.

The nicotine contained in the e-liquid plays an important role in the perception of the hit. It is a scratching sensation in the throat that the vaporizer feels when sucking the steam from its e-cig. It is noted that the higher the nicotine level is, the more the vaporizer feels a powerful hit.

Electronic cigarette models for women are more elegant and more discreet and more beautiful. These products adapted to the female gentleman contain design clearomizers and coloured batteries. Some products are available in silver, gold or pink gold.

Electronic Touch Cigarettes

Modern electronic cigarette models are equipped with colour screens. To make the configuration more intuitive, some e-cigarettes are equipped with a touch screen. In addition to simplifying handling, you can find out the status of your consumption by reading the data from a digital meter.

High-end e-cigarettes meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. This type of electronic cigarette is distinguished by its design and exceptional materials wood, gold plated … A high-end kit offers a more intense experience of vape.

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