Which electronic cigarette suits you best ?

The effectiveness of the e-cigarette on smoking cessation is still an open debate. Several studies have been conducted, but could not lead to conclusive results. Since its marketing, several hundred models of e-cigarette have appeared on the market. To use…

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E-cigarette : tips for good inhalation

Agood inhalation, whether direct or indirect, feels good. However, it must be ensured that the components of the e-cigarette are well adjusted to achieve the desired results. Some additional precautions must also be taken into account to avoid any type…

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Where are made electronic cigarettes ?

Being useful during smoking cessation, the electronic cigarette is an alternative to the conventional cigarette. Depending on the desired hit, the smoker can choose the type of e-cigarette suited to his needs. Before going further, let’s first discover the origin…

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