Which e-liquid to choose for a first electronic cigarette ?

The electronic cigarette is a growing success for smokers and even non-smokers. Its history begins in the 60s where it kept the same principle of substitution of the traditional cigarette. At the time, it did not arouse the interest it…

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DIY and e-liquid : everything you need to create your own e-liquid

The electronic cigarette allows the smoker to choose his own e-liquids. Bases, flavors DYI (Do It Yourself) are the most original and most guaranteed than buying prepared e-liquid. In addition, several vendors bring you satisfaction on the types of e-liquid….

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The different products that make up an e-liquid

Dedicated to electronic cigarettes, e-liquids come in several varieties. Their composition follows standard basic rules in order to provide a better hit. The e-liquids are composed of several elements. Depending on the needs and experience of the vaporizer, the nicotine…

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What level of nicotine to put in my e-liquid and for what kind of e-cigarette smoker ?

To reduce the risk of cancer, lung disease and respiratory diseases, the electronic cigarette was created and marketed. This solution is indeed recognized for its benefits because it can help you avoid the health problems that can cause traditional cigarettes…

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DIY: What about creating your own e-liquid ?

In today‚Äôs world of vaporization, there are several tricks that can allow you to have an e-liquid to your liking. Most former smokers of the traditional cigarette sometimes seek to obtain an e-liquid that matches the taste of their old…

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