Agood inhalation, whether direct or indirect, feels good. However, it must be ensured that the components of the e-cigarette are well adjusted to achieve the desired results. Some additional precautions must also be taken into account to avoid any type of inconvenience.

The elements of the e-cigarette

The e-cigarette is composed of the battery, the e-liquid, the resistance and the drip tip. The rechargeable battery is the external battery, which powers the Mod. Then the e-liquid, composed of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (GV) and nicotine, produces the steam of the e-cigarette. Then, the resistor is a resistive wire, from which electrically heated, vaporizes the e-liquid. And finally, the drip tip is the tip that is kept in the mouth.

The adjustment according to the desired inhalation

There are two main types of inhalation vaporization, including direct and indirect inhalation. Direct inhalation involves swallowing the smoke directly into the lungs. Indirect inhalation, on the other hand, involves holding the smoke in the mouth before sending it into the lungs. To have a good direct inhalation, the resistance has to be big to ensure a large vape. Therefore, fatty, conductive wires should be used. It is also necessary to reach subohm values while respecting the batteries. Likewise, the accumulators must be at high discharges with a high potential, to avoid rapid wear of the battery. In addition, choose a large and wide drip tip, to allow the passage of a large amount of steam. And a short drip tip close to the base of the resistor, in order to get a hot hit. In the case of a good indirect inhalation, the e-liquid must be vaporized in a reasonable time, so you should have a resistor with high resistivity wires and smaller diameters. In order to obtain a fine and tasty vapour, it is necessary to be equipped with a battery with low charge intensity to limit the current flow in the coil. Finally, choose a thin and long drip tip to limit the flow of smoke.

Additional precautions

As an added precaution, remember to secure and protect the equipment and your body from any inconvenience that may arise from the change. Make sure that the e-liquid does not leak, condense or liquefy, as this would be unpleasant for the mouth. Some problems may also occur in the case of improper handling of the electrical system of the e-cigarette.