The electronic cigarette remains a big trend of the moment, the taste of the flavor brings this little touch of personality. The act of vaporizing is more appropriate than smoking, we can dose and control the dose of nicotine and change the flavor according to our desires. DIY (Do It Yourself) is possible, by composing our own e-liquid for vaporization. What is the percentage of concentrated flavours for DIY ?

The necessary elements for the DIY

We can make our own e-liquid, it is economical and pleasant to be able to control our need. First of all, we need food flavorings such as fruity flavors and or natural flavors. Making your own e-liquid is the goal of the DIY, the DYI is home-made and very advantageous, because it is low cost. You also need a low dose of propylene glycol, whose main role is to dilute the flavor. Tools such as a graduated pipette and a syringe are needed. The dosage is done in ml or drops, but the larger the base, the greater the concentration of flavours to be incorporated. You must follow the doses referred by the manufacturers to avoid overdosing.

Doses for DIY

The base must be prepared and then the desired flavor must be added such as a gourmet flavor for example. The addition is done using a syringe or a drop measure, the dose is written on the product sheet and the dose must be respected. There are two types of flavors, the single flavor and the multiple flavor. In general, it is advisable to dose and calculate to start with 50% Vegetable Glycerin (or GV) and 50% Propylene Glycol (or PG). The amount of drop depends on the composition of the base. The composition can be 70% GV and 30% PG, but more flavours must be added in the 100%GV, the GV modifies the effect of the flavour.

The preparation of the DIY

For the electronic cigarette, in terms of DIY we dose 1ml which is equal to 30 drops. If we use the dosage, we must know exactly the drop to be poured into the mixture. The strength of the flavor is different from each other, the classics flavors for example has its own power. Mix your preparation, then add the DIY additives (which are optional). It takes a pause which is the maturation phase, it varies depending on the mixture, for example two days for a tobacco flavor and four to five days for more complex recipes such as a Crazy Up. Then enjoy the cigarette with the homemade e-liquid.