Being useful during smoking cessation, the electronic cigarette is an alternative to the conventional cigarette. Depending on the desired hit, the smoker can choose the type of e-cigarette suited to his needs. Before going further, let’s first discover the origin and history of this product. What are the countries producing e-cigarette?

Origin of the e-cigarette

Let’s zoom in on the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette or e-cigarette appeared for the first time in China. In France, it interests more than 1.5 followers. The majority of electronic cigarettes and associated equipment are manufactured in China. Some European and American countries are now starting production of this product even if it is still at a marginal rate. The Chinese cities of Hong Kong and Shenzhen have the most electronic cigarette manufacturing plants. Most of the signs producing e-cigarette are tobacco companies. Noting that the electronic cigarette can replace the traditional cigarette.

Chinese brands, market leaders

According to this focus on the electronic cigarette, China is the pioneer of electronic cigarette producers. This explains the fact that the leading brands on the market have originated from the country. These brands are renowned for the quality of their products and designs. They have dominated the market for more than a decade, around 2005, when the e-cigarette first appeared. These brands offer a wide range of electronic cigarette. In addition, the products they offer combine better value for money. Know that the production of e-cigarettes is subject to specific regulations. Any manufacturing company must comply with these standards to market their products. You should also know that these market-leading brands are constantly innovating the products and accessories they launch.

A little history on the electronic cigarette

The e-cigarette concept was developed in 1967 by Herbert A. Gilbert. Through a patent, this founder explained how the electronic cigarette works and its effectiveness in terms of substitute for the classic cigarette. The first marketing of the e-cigarette was launched in 2003 under the initiative of a brand established in China and a Chinese pharmacist engineer. Since then, the product has attracted a large number of fans. Note that the concept of vaporization by heating resistance is the only technology currently on the market. This system is still patented by a Chinese personality. In short, China dominates the market for the electronic cigarette.