The electronic cigarette allows the smoker to choose his own e-liquids. Bases, flavors DYI (Do It Yourself) are the most original and most guaranteed than buying prepared e-liquid. In addition, several vendors bring you satisfaction on the types of e-liquid. You can select rich aromas that provide a fresh, intense and particularly appetizing taste. In this guide, know the basic tools to concoct the best recipe for your electronic cigarette.

The basics of the e-liquid.

The neutral base in the e-liquid allows you to dilute the flavor and nicotine because they are highly concentrated. We see a base propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV). So you have the choice between the two but be aware that there are differences on these bases. They have the difference on the viscosity, taste that can alter the feeling of the e-cigarette when the vape. Propylene does not influence the flavor unlike the GV. It is transparent, tasteless, odorless, very fluid found in tobacco products, certain foods and medicines. Vegetable glycerines are derived from vegetable oils which have a mild characteristic, a vaguely sweet taste and are thicker than PG. Like PG, VG is used in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Flavours in e-liquid.

Obviously, you need flavour in your e-liquid. There are many different types of food flavourings on the market. Nevertheless, it is essential to choose the right flavour that fundamentally relates to the flavour of the mash. Today, there are catalogues with more than 300 tobacco flavours on the market. Tobacco, mentholated, gourmet and fruity flavours are all manufactured in various countries such as USA, Europe, China. The products are of quality for the tablecloth even if they are above all special food, intended for the kitchens.

Some advices for the creation and dosage.

To create and dose the liquid for electronic cigarette, you need materials. The e-liquid bottle is important to design the mixture of the e-liquid. In addition, a pipette can be used to transfer the bases into the small bottle. With a syringe, it is easy to dose the aromas with precision. However, do not make large quantities in case you do not master the dosage of the aromas. It is also recommended to prepare the nicotine in advance. Instead, use a 10 ml bottle to simplify the calculation of DIY flavours with the desired nicotine levels.