The effectiveness of the e-cigarette on smoking cessation is still an open debate. Several studies have been conducted, but could not lead to conclusive results. Since its marketing, several hundred models of e-cigarette have appeared on the market. To use the e-cigarette wisely, it is necessary to clearly define the category of smokers where you are, so as not to relapse into tobacco consumption.

History of the appearance of e-cigarettes

The first patent related to the electronic cigarette was awarded in 1930 to Joseph Robinson. Unfortunately, his product was never marketed. Similarly, in 1960, Herbert A. Gilbert claimed to have received a patent on the device that closely resembles the modern e-cigarette, but it could not be marketed either. In 2003, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, marketed the “first electronic cigarette”, a device he created to relieve the need of his father, who was a heavy smoker.

Choosing the right model for your own needs

Several hundred models of the electronic cigarette exist on the market. It is therefore not easy to make a choice for his own nicotine withdrawal. To help you, you need to know what category of smokers you are in. If you smoke occasionally, then you can choose a small vaporizer like the Zenith beginner pack. This e-cigarette allows you to vaporize by indirect inhalation, accompanied by a clearomizer autonomy of 4 ml, with two resistors of 0.50 ohm and 1.60 ohms and a battery of 3000 mAh. If you are a moderate smoker (10 to 20 cigarettes per day), then you should look for a medium vaporizer. It is necessary to get a model with enough autonomy, because the breakdown of the battery would facilitate a return to tobacco consumption. If you are in the heavy smoker category (more than 20 cigarettes per day), then it is preferable to opt for an expert vaporizer. Instead, we should opt for a model of duo electronic cigarette sub-ohm, which has a wide range, with a battery of 3,000 mAh and low resistance up to 0.2 ohm.

Appreciation in the short term

After an experience with the e-cigarette, we will know directly if smoking cessation has been effective. If we do not return to tobacco consumption after testing a vaporizer then we are going in the right direction, because this is the desired effect.