The clearomizer, often also called atomizer, is a reservoir of the electronic cigarette. It is designed to contain the e-liquid located next to the resistor so that the latter can heat the e-liquid. There are many models on the market but the filling technique is done from top or bottom. The difference that can occur for the clearomizer is their diameter, their capacity and the model of resistor that suits it. If you want to know more about the atomizer, find it on this article to know everything.

Know the composition of the clearomizer.

The atomizer of an electronic is said the atomizer reconstructible through its various elements that compose it. We see the basis for connecting the battery of the e-cigarette to the clearomizer. On recent models, the base is equipped with a ring to adjust the air flow. Then, a chimney that is represented as a central tube. It has a role to conduct steam to the mouth when the e-cigarette is aspirated. Then, the resistance is a way to give heat that you must change regularly. Next to the resistance, we see a tank containing e-liquid. A tip is in contact with the mouth calling the drip-tip.

Know the difference between the clearomizer.

The repairable atomizer is available for direct inhalation and indirect inhalation. The indirect inhalation clearomizer allows a tight valve that is able to give a feeling of smoking a classic cigarette. You just need to gently inhale the steam in two stages until it can rise up to your lungs. The direct inhalation atomizer offers a steam with large steam intakes. The air from the vape can reach the lungs with a single aspiration. It is advisable to use a box of high power to produce more steam. Multi-purpose clearomizers are also available that have the ability to perform both direct and indirect inhalation.

Selecting the value of the clearometer resistor

The choice of resistance of electronic cigarette cartomizers depends on the type of material used including the battery. The conventional battery requires resistance greater than 1.5 Ohms. For the variable voltage battery, the resistance used must be greater than 1 Ohms. However, you can use the resistance close to the latter value but with high power. If the type Mod or an electronic box you choose to provide charge to your e-cigarette, know that it has protections that limit the use of certain resistance. It is preferable to direct to resistors between 0.5 Ohms to 1.5 Ohms for this type of equipment.