What is an electronic cigarette ?

The use of the electronic cigarette is on the rise, since its introduction on the market. It is considered an alternative to smoking. Quitting smoking is both difficult and trying physically and mentally, but many people have managed to stop smoking thanks to the e-cigarette. This device gives smokers their dose of nicotine, which can be reduced over time. But what is the electronic cigarette made of?

What is the clearomizer?

The clearomIZeur has the role of producing steam. Its transparent color makes it possible to see the level of liquid. It contains, among other things, the resistance. The latter is made from a resistive Kanthal yarn and wicks of cotton fibers or silica. The resistor works thanks to the electricity supplied by the battery. When it heats up, the e-liquid in the tank generates steam. On inhalation, this steam is transformed into smoke similar to that of a conventional cigarette.

The place of the resistance differs from one clearomizer to another, depending on the model. It can be placed either at the top or at the bottom, while some models have double resistance. The resistor is attached to the battery with a screw thread. Each of these models diffuses steam according to their intensity level, thus adapting to the expectations of the steamers. It is recommended to change the resistance regularly.

What is the purpose of the tank?

The tank contains the e-liquid. It is rechargeable. It is non-toxic and consists mainly of food additives (propylene glycol). It is often mixed with vegetable glycerin to enhance the flavor. These mimic the flavors of a classic cigarette, but there are also other flavors.

How does the battery work?

The electronic cigarette works thanks to the battery. The high-voltage model allows the maximum amount of steam to be produced. In addition, it has a long autonomy and can be used for longer periods of time. The high-power cigarette is especially recommended for those who still need a high dose of nicotine.

The e-cigarette gives smokers sensations similar to those they feel when they smoke a single cigarette. It thus compensates for the need for nicotine smokers by providing the brain its daily dose. It spares them from the harmful effects of tobacco. By allowing smokers to practice the “gesture of smoking”, the electronic cigarette can help them to achieve total cessation.

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