The electronic cigarette is a growing success for smokers and even non-smokers. Its history begins in the 60s where it kept the same principle of substitution of the traditional cigarette. At the time, it did not arouse the interest it has today because it is only in 2009 that its marketing begins. An electronic cigarette is not one if it is not accompanied by the e-liquid. So what is the liquid for electronic cigarette to choose for the first time? Discover in this article what you need to know before proceeding to choose this famous liquid.

The e-liquid : what is it ?

Before becoming a vaporizer, it is important to know the components of the liquid electronic cigarette. Indeed, this liquid is composed of flavors that are responsible for the flavor felt, propylene glycol, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. More rarely, traces of water and alcohol may be found in the chemical composition to obtain a different quality and taste. The combination of these various elements makes it possible to obtain this liquid, but it is the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine that are the essential components of it. The aromas are intended to accentuate the effect of pleasure and it is thanks to their presence in the liquid that the taste and the feeling differ according to the type, click here to learn more about these liquids.

Elements to be taken into account for the choice

In order to choose your liquid for the very first time, it is important to base your choice on two selection criteria: flavours and nicotine content. Indeed, the latter have a direct influence on the sensations because for a former smoker, he tends to prefer a high nicotine level, whereas for a smoker who is not a regular smoker, he will often rely on the aromas. For a person thinking of starting, the liquid for electronic cigarette must first of all be the same kind as the last cigarette he consumed. Even if the tobacco flavors are different, it is the first choice to make before embarking on exotic flavors.

Choose a liquid according to taste

As far as flavours are concerned, this is a composition made from food extracts. For those who are new to steaming, it is advisable to start on a base of tobacco or mint flavorings so as not to stray from the sensations of authentic tobacco. Indeed, it is more difficult to start with organic chocolate or apple-based liquid flavours if it is for the first time. The notion on the nicotine level is very important because it is thanks to this product that the sensation felt will be comparable to a real cigarette and moreover, nicotine will allow to have the real impression of smoking instead of just swallowing steam or wind without any real taste felt. The level of nicotine will have to be chosen according to the smoker’s consumption.