The electronic cigarette is an imitation of the classic cigarette. It is considered one of the best solutions to reduce or even stop smoking. Over the years, the e-cigarette industry has been very successful. Now it is no longer difficult to access this product as well as its spare parts and consumables. But what exactly is it composed of? Take stock through this article on the various components of the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette : what is it made of ?

The electronic cigarette is composed of a few customization elements, namely the battery, the clearomizer and the resistance. The clearomizer is one of its most important components since it contains the e-liquid. To fill it, simply unscrew the top or bottom of the device and pour the liquid. With the latest versions of clearomizers, it is possible to adjust the air flow or the air flow rate. Also known as the “drip tip”, the tip of the electronic cigarette is used to inhale the vapour. It is made of the same material as the reservoir, which is often made of plastic or glass.

Electronic cigarette : what is the e-liquid ?

The electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco. The e-liquid is composed mainly of food additives that are necessary to produce steam. Propylene glycol and glycerol are among the most commonly used flavors, but there are still other flavors that make the e-cigarette attractive. Strawberry, coffee, vanilla… There is something for everyone. Simply load the tank as soon as it is empty. The e-liquid contains nicotine, but is much less harmful than a conventional cigarette since it is possible to reduce its dose over time. Several smokers have successfully quit using this material.

Electronic Cigarette : what is the battery for ?

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use. They work thanks to the battery. To activate the resistors of these devices, you have to press the switch. The resistance heats the e-liquid and turns it into steam. A battery with a high voltage can deliver a large dose of nicotine and needs less recharging. It has a greater autonomy. Vaporizers can thus choose the intensity of their battery according to their consumption which is measured in milliamps per hour. Those who have difficulty knowing what type of battery they need can always consult an online guide to get started.