The use of the electronic cigarette is on the rise, since its introduction on the market. It is considered an alternative to smoking. Quitting smoking is both difficult and trying physically and mentally, but many people have managed to stop smoking thanks to the e-cigarette. This device gives smokers their dose of nicotine, which can be reduced over time. But what is the electronic cigarette made of?

What is the clearomizer ?

The clearomIZeur has the role of producing steam. Its transparent color makes it possible to see the level of liquid. It contains, among other things, the resistance. The latter is made from a resistive Kanthal yarn and wicks of cotton fibers or silica. The resistor works thanks to the electricity supplied by the battery. When it heats up, the e-liquid in the tank generates steam. On inhalation, this steam is transformed into smoke similar to that of a conventional cigarette.

The place of the resistance differs from one clearomizer to another, depending on the model. It can be placed either at the top or at the bottom, while some models have double resistance. The resistor is attached to the battery with a screw thread. Each of these models diffuses steam according to their intensity level, thus adapting to the expectations of the steamers. It is recommended to change the resistance regularly.

What is the purpose of the tank ?

The tank contains the e-liquid. It is rechargeable. It is non-toxic and consists mainly of food additives (propylene glycol). It is often mixed with vegetable glycerin to enhance the flavor. These mimic the flavors of a classic cigarette, but there are also other flavors.

How does the battery work ?

The electronic cigarette works thanks to the battery. The high-voltage model allows the maximum amount of steam to be produced. In addition, it has a long autonomy and can be used for longer periods of time. The high-power cigarette is especially recommended for those who still need a high dose of nicotine.

The e-cigarette gives smokers sensations similar to those they feel when they smoke a single cigarette. It thus compensates for the need for nicotine smokers by providing the brain its daily dose. It spares them from the harmful effects of tobacco. By allowing smokers to practice the “gesture of smoking”, the electronic cigarette can help them to achieve total cessation.

The electronic cigarette is an imitation of the classic cigarette. It is considered one of the best solutions to reduce or even stop smoking. Over the years, the e-cigarette industry has been very successful. Now it is no longer difficult to access this product as well as its spare parts and consumables. But what exactly is it composed of? Take stock through this article on the various components of the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette : what is it made of ?

The electronic cigarette is composed of a few customization elements, namely the battery, the clearomizer and the resistance. The clearomizer is one of its most important components since it contains the e-liquid. To fill it, simply unscrew the top or bottom of the device and pour the liquid. With the latest versions of clearomizers, it is possible to adjust the air flow or the air flow rate.

Also known as the “drip tip”, the tip of the electronic cigarette is used to inhale the vapour. It is made of the same material as the reservoir, which is often made of plastic or glass.

Electronic cigarette : what is the e-liquid ?

The electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco. The e-liquid is composed mainly of food additives that are necessary to produce steam. Propylene glycol and glycerol are among the most commonly used flavors, but there are still other flavors that make the e-cigarette attractive. Strawberry, coffee, vanilla… There is something for everyone. Simply load the tank as soon as it is empty.

The e-liquid contains nicotine, but is much less harmful than a conventional cigarette since it is possible to reduce its dose over time. Several smokers have successfully quit using this material.

Electronic Cigarette : what is the battery for ?

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use. They work thanks to the battery. To activate the resistors of these devices, you have to press the switch. The resistance heats the e-liquid and turns it into steam. A battery with a high voltage can deliver a large dose of nicotine and needs less recharging. It has a greater autonomy. Vaporizers can thus choose the intensity of their battery according to their consumption which is measured in milliamps per hour. Those who have difficulty knowing what type of battery they need can always consult an online guide to get started.

The clearomizer, often also called atomizer, is a reservoir of the electronic cigarette. It is designed to contain the e-liquid located next to the resistor so that the latter can heat the e-liquid. There are many models on the market but the filling technique is done from top or bottom. The difference that can occur for the clearomizer is their diameter, their capacity and the model of resistor that suits it. If you want to know more about the atomizer, find it on this article to know everything.

Know the composition of the clearomizer.

The atomizer of an electronic is said the atomizer reconstructible through its various elements that compose it. We see the basis for connecting the battery of the e-cigarette to the clearomizer. On recent models, the base is equipped with a ring to adjust the air flow. Then, a chimney that is represented as a central tube. It has a role to conduct steam to the mouth when the e-cigarette is aspirated. Then, the resistance is a way to give heat that you must change regularly. Next to the resistance, we see a tank containing e-liquid. A tip is in contact with the mouth calling the drip-tip.

Know the difference between the clearomizer.

The repairable atomizer is available for direct inhalation and indirect inhalation. The indirect inhalation clearomizer allows a tight valve that is able to give a feeling of smoking a classic cigarette. You just need to gently inhale the steam in two stages until it can rise up to your lungs. The direct inhalation atomizer offers a steam with large steam intakes. The air from the vape can reach the lungs with a single aspiration. It is advisable to use a box of high power to produce more steam. Multi-purpose clearomizers are also available that have the ability to perform both direct and indirect inhalation.

Selecting the value of the clearometer resistor

The choice of resistance of electronic cigarette cartomizers depends on the type of material used including the battery. The conventional battery requires resistance greater than 1.5 Ohms. For the variable voltage battery, the resistance used must be greater than 1 Ohms. However, you can use the resistance close to the latter value but with high power. If the type Mod or an electronic box you choose to provide charge to your e-cigarette, know that it has protections that limit the use of certain resistance. It is preferable to direct to resistors between 0.5 Ohms to 1.5 Ohms for this type of equipment.

The electronic cigarette remains a big trend of the moment, the taste of the flavor brings this little touch of personality. The act of vaporizing is more appropriate than smoking, we can dose and control the dose of nicotine and change the flavor according to our desires. DIY (Do It Yourself) is possible, by composing our own e-liquid for vaporization. What is the percentage of concentrated flavours for DIY ?

The necessary elements for the DIY

We can make our own e-liquid, it is economical and pleasant to be able to control our need. First of all, we need food flavorings such as fruity flavors and or natural flavors. Making your own e-liquid is the goal of the DIY, the DYI is home-made and very advantageous, because it is low cost. You also need a low dose of propylene glycol, whose main role is to dilute the flavor. Tools such as a graduated pipette and a syringe are needed. The dosage is done in ml or drops, but the larger the base, the greater the concentration of flavours to be incorporated. You must follow the doses referred by the manufacturers to avoid overdosing.

Doses for DIY

The base must be prepared and then the desired flavor must be added such as a gourmet flavor for example. The addition is done using a syringe or a drop measure, the dose is written on the product sheet and the dose must be respected. There are two types of flavors, the single flavor and the multiple flavor. In general, it is advisable to dose and calculate to start with 50% Vegetable Glycerin (or GV) and 50% Propylene Glycol (or PG). The amount of drop depends on the composition of the base. The composition can be 70% GV and 30% PG, but more flavours must be added in the 100%GV, the GV modifies the effect of the flavour.

The preparation of the DIY

For the electronic cigarette, in terms of DIY we dose 1ml which is equal to 30 drops. If we use the dosage, we must know exactly the drop to be poured into the mixture. The strength of the flavor is different from each other, the classics flavors for example has its own power. Mix your preparation, then add the DIY additives (which are optional). It takes a pause which is the maturation phase, it varies depending on the mixture, for example two days for a tobacco flavor and four to five days for more complex recipes such as a Crazy Up. Then enjoy the cigarette with the homemade e-liquid.

The electronic cigarette is a growing success for smokers and even non-smokers. Its history begins in the 60s where it kept the same principle of substitution of the traditional cigarette. At the time, it did not arouse the interest it has today because it is only in 2009 that its marketing begins. An electronic cigarette is not one if it is not accompanied by the e-liquid. So what is the liquid for electronic cigarette to choose for the first time? Discover in this article what you need to know before proceeding to choose this famous liquid.

The e-liquid : what is it ?

Before becoming a vaporizer, it is important to know the components of the liquid electronic cigarette. Indeed, this liquid is composed of flavors that are responsible for the flavor felt, propylene glycol, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. More rarely, traces of water and alcohol may be found in the chemical composition to obtain a different quality and taste. The combination of these various elements makes it possible to obtain this liquid, but it is the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine that are the essential components of it. The aromas are intended to accentuate the effect of pleasure and it is thanks to their presence in the liquid that the taste and the feeling differ according to the type, click here to learn more about these liquids.

Elements to be taken into account for the choice

In order to choose your liquid for the very first time, it is important to base your choice on two selection criteria: flavours and nicotine content. Indeed, the latter have a direct influence on the sensations because for a former smoker, he tends to prefer a high nicotine level, whereas for a smoker who is not a regular smoker, he will often rely on the aromas. For a person thinking of starting, the liquid for electronic cigarette must first of all be the same kind as the last cigarette he consumed. Even if the tobacco flavors are different, it is the first choice to make before embarking on exotic flavors.

Choose a liquid according to taste

As far as flavours are concerned, this is a composition made from food extracts. For those who are new to steaming, it is advisable to start on a base of tobacco or mint flavorings so as not to stray from the sensations of authentic tobacco. Indeed, it is more difficult to start with organic chocolate or apple-based liquid flavours if it is for the first time. The notion on the nicotine level is very important because it is thanks to this product that the sensation felt will be comparable to a real cigarette and moreover, nicotine will allow to have the real impression of smoking instead of just swallowing steam or wind without any real taste felt. The level of nicotine will have to be chosen according to the smoker’s consumption.

The electronic cigarette allows the smoker to choose his own e-liquids. Bases, flavors DYI (Do It Yourself) are the most original and most guaranteed than buying prepared e-liquid. In addition, several vendors bring you satisfaction on the types of e-liquid. You can select rich aromas that provide a fresh, intense and particularly appetizing taste. In this guide, know the basic tools to concoct the best recipe for your electronic cigarette.

The basics of the e-liquid.

The neutral base in the e-liquid allows you to dilute the flavor and nicotine because they are highly concentrated. We see a base propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV). So you have the choice between the two but be aware that there are differences on these bases. They have the difference on the viscosity, taste that can alter the feeling of the e-cigarette when the vape. Propylene does not influence the flavor unlike the GV. It is transparent, tasteless, odorless, very fluid found in tobacco products, certain foods and medicines. Vegetable glycerines are derived from vegetable oils which have a mild characteristic, a vaguely sweet taste and are thicker than PG. Like PG, VG is used in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Flavours in e-liquid.

Obviously, you need flavour in your e-liquid. There are many different types of food flavourings on the market. Nevertheless, it is essential to choose the right flavour that fundamentally relates to the flavour of the mash. Today, there are catalogues with more than 300 tobacco flavours on the market. Tobacco, mentholated, gourmet and fruity flavours are all manufactured in various countries such as USA, Europe, China. The products are of quality for the tablecloth even if they are above all special food, intended for the kitchens.

Some advices for the creation and dosage.

To create and dose the liquid for electronic cigarette, you need materials. The e-liquid bottle is important to design the mixture of the e-liquid. In addition, a pipette can be used to transfer the bases into the small bottle. With a syringe, it is easy to dose the aromas with precision. However, do not make large quantities in case you do not master the dosage of the aromas. It is also recommended to prepare the nicotine in advance. Instead, use a 10 ml bottle to simplify the calculation of DIY flavours with the desired nicotine levels.

Dedicated to electronic cigarettes, e-liquids come in several varieties. Their composition follows standard basic rules in order to provide a better hit. The e-liquids are composed of several elements. Depending on the needs and experience of the vaporizer, the nicotine content can vary widely. Discover the different components of the e-liquid.

PV and VG, the basic components

Propylene Gycol or PG is one of the main components of e-liquid. This e-liquid component is also used in certain medicines and food products, including seasonings. According to studies carried out by scientific research professionals, this component does not present a harmful hazard to human health. The feeling of vapour varies according to the amount of PG contained in the electronic cigarette.

Vegetable glycerin is also a main component of the e-liquid. Its role is to emit heat during vaporization. This element also reduces the tingling felt in the throat. It brings more softness. VG is also used in the manufacture of certain cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. PG and VG make up about 80% of the total amount of electronic cigarette fluid.

The food flavor, to vary tastes

The food flavouring is also an e-liquid compositional element. It allows to vary the tastes and the feelings of vape. There are several types of aroma, including classic flavours. These have a taste of tobacco. They are especially popular with beginners. There are also fruity aromas such as apple, strawberry and banana flavours. There are also gourmet tastes, which are mainly related to pastries and confectionery. Mentholated preparations, for their part, provide a good freshness in the mouth. Finally, there are the beverage flavours. These are available in several flavours such as vodka, rum or cola.

Optional components of e-liquid

Depending on the model and composition e-liquid, nicotine may be present or absent in the electronic cigarette liquid.

In many cases, alcohol is also an additive component of the e-liquid. Above all, it acts as a flavour enhancer. Alcohol optimizes the hit in the throat during vaporization. In some liquids, its quantity can represent about 5% of the total composition of the preparation. For formulas containing more VG, this component helps to fluidify the liquid.

To reduce the risk of cancer, lung disease and respiratory diseases, the electronic cigarette was created and marketed. This solution is indeed recognized for its benefits because it can help you avoid the health problems that can cause traditional cigarettes or tobacco cigarette stems. With electronic cigarettes, you have several possibilities of choice according to your preferences when vaporizing.

The use of the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette offers several methods of use. Whether for new smokers or for former smokers of tobacco cigarette, there are several categories of use and choice in terms of dosage, or taste. It is then quite possible to have the aroma and taste of your old tobacco cigarette when you use an electronic cigarette, just find the right components for the e-liquid or ask directly to shops selling e-liquid if they have the e-liquid equivalent to your old brand of cigarettes. You can also choose to customize the level of e-liquid nicotine in your electronic cigarette to get the effect you want. The electronic cigarette offers at the same time a partial protection against lung cancer but also offers many possibilities for customization according to your taste.

The level of nicotine in the electronic cigarette

With the electronic cigarette, you can choose the level of nicotine that suits you. For those who are looking for rather intense or powerful sensations, there is the possibility of having a rather charged e-liquid that could satisfy you. Most people who want to start vaporizing or those who want to stop smoking opt for e-liquids with low nicotine content. You can also choose the dose of nicotine e-liquid that might suit you. To do this, you just need to place your order, mentioning the dose that would suit you with your e-liquid supplier.

How to get the ideal dose

For each category of vaporizer, there is an ideal e-liquid dose. To have the dose that suits you, you can choose the e-liquid that offers the services you are looking for or even choose to make your own e-liquid and thus add e-liquid nicotine according to your taste. You can thus choose to make an e-liquid rather loaded or fairly light. This method also allows you to choose your own flavor and choose between fresh or strong scents.

In today’s world of vaporization, there are several tricks that can allow you to have an e-liquid to your liking. Most former smokers of the traditional cigarette sometimes seek to obtain an e-liquid that matches the taste of their old cigarettes. That’s why e-liquid sellers offer equivalent products to provide them with the taste of their choice. To have an e-liquid that suits you, you can also choose to make your own composition, and thus benefit from the taste and criteria that suit you.

How to customize your e-liquid

To make your own e-liquid, you will first need to buy the right equipment and the right ingredients. You can go to e-liquid stores and resellers and buy the necessary components such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and aromatic products of your choice that will give the aroma of DIY e-liquid. In order to have an e-liquid corresponding to your taste, you must first of all recognize your preferences so that you can reproduce them each time. In order to obtain the aroma and the effect you are looking for, you must base your e-liquid recipe on your preferences. Once you have mixed the few basic ingredients, you should mix well and leave the mixture to stand for 24 to 72 hours.

The equipment needed to make e-liquid

The preparation of an e-liquid is simple, however, it sometimes requires the use of some equipment that can further improve the quality of your creation. For the manufacture of your e-liquid DIY, you will probably need a bottle for e-liquid to store the mixture, a protective syringe to insert the e-liquid in your electronic cigarette, and a pipette that will allow you to handle the e-liquid without having to use other equipment that could deteriorate the quality of your products.

Why make your own e-liquid

In order to have exactly the taste you want when you spray, you can choose to make your own e-liquid. Most users of the electronic cigarette find the e-liquids they buy a little too loaded or poorly loaded. By making your own e-liquid DIY, you will be able to get the effect you want as well as the charge in aroma and taste of your choice. This is an excellent method that can give you exactly the preference criteria you are looking for.

The effectiveness of the e-cigarette on smoking cessation is still an open debate. Several studies have been conducted, but could not lead to conclusive results. Since its marketing, several hundred models of e-cigarette have appeared on the market. To use the e-cigarette wisely, it is necessary to clearly define the category of smokers where you are, so as not to relapse into tobacco consumption.

History of the appearance of e-cigarettes

The first patent related to the electronic cigarette was awarded in 1930 to Joseph Robinson. Unfortunately, his product was never marketed. Similarly, in 1960, Herbert A. Gilbert claimed to have received a patent on the device that closely resembles the modern e-cigarette, but it could not be marketed either.

In 2003, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, marketed the “first electronic cigarette”, a device he created to relieve the need of his father, who was a heavy smoker.

Choosing the right model for your own needs

Several hundred models of the electronic cigarette exist on the market. It is therefore not easy to make a choice for his own nicotine withdrawal. To help you, you need to know what category of smokers you are in.

If you smoke occasionally, then you can choose a small vaporizer like the Zenith beginner pack. This e-cigarette allows you to vaporize by indirect inhalation, accompanied by a clearomizer autonomy of 4 ml, with two resistors of 0.50 ohm and 1.60 ohms and a battery of 3000 mAh.

If you are a moderate smoker (10 to 20 cigarettes per day), then you should look for a medium vaporizer. It is necessary to get a model with enough autonomy, because the breakdown of the battery would facilitate a return to tobacco consumption.

If you are in the heavy smoker category (more than 20 cigarettes per day), then it is preferable to opt for an expert vaporizer. Instead, we should opt for a model of duo electronic cigarette sub-ohm, which has a wide range, with a battery of 3,000 mAh and low resistance up to 0.2 ohm.

Appreciation in the short term

After an experience with the e-cigarette, we will know directly if smoking cessation has been effective. If we do not return to tobacco consumption after testing a vaporizer then we are going in the right direction, because this is the desired effect.

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